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The mission of Montessori Western Teacher Training Program is to facilitate the development of the “whole” adult. Our approach is to present the Montessori Method as an open-ended system designed to foster autonomy. We support this model by providing a related group of varied experiences that are congruent, on an adult level, with the child’s experience and growth in a Montessori setting.

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    Whether Sweating the Plague initiates a new stylistic phase for this deathless band remains to be seen. Their brand of gloriously ragged, plodding guitar rock has aged so well because it was never cool—and a few mild variations on the formula have made it work in every decade. Perhaps the main reason Crazy Horse have managed to stay venerable is that Young has opted to put them on the backburner so often to chase his whims, typically reconvening them only when timing and inspiration aligned.

    So the band has been spared his various follies—the worst of which have mostly come in the years since Psychedelic Pill. This includes particularly tuneless vocals and a tendency toward clunky, Facebook uncle-level environmentalist and political ranting. An accompanying making-of fly-on-the-wall documentary, Mountaintop , is similarly schizophrenic, seemingly devoting about as much time to Crazy Horse effortlessly falling into their usual groove as it does to a cranky Young chewing out his engineers over a faulty monitor.

    The latter of these is one of the more lyrically interesting songs that Young has written in years. The album is a piece of blood-spattered Americana, a haunted-house version of the fabled American dream. I n their original incarnation, Swans were as ferocious as the heaviest of metal bands, and their live shows were notoriously punishing.

    They eventually expanded their palette to include industrial and goth elements, and after disbanding in , frontman Michael Gira spent a decade fronting the folk band Angels of Light. When he reformed Swans in , their music was considerably less abrasive.

    Gira reportedly approached the recording of Leaving Meaning differently than he did recent Swans efforts: Instead of having a set band, he recorded these songs with a collection of musicians picked to bring each to life as he envisioned it. She gave Pollock his first solo show in A new game was in the offing: America claiming the European avant-garde as its own imperial patrimony.

    These artists embraced myth, the sublime, transcendence, existential and spiritual terror, cosmic light and darkness, and all that hocus-pocus. And celebrity. Soon, Pollock was featured in Life magazine in the act of painting and smoking. All looked rosy. Abstract Expressionism restarted modernism wonderfully, but the movement quickly died another death. That same year, Rauschenberg and composer-artist John Cage made Automobile Tire Print, a long, narrow strip of paper on which Cage had driven a car, leaving a long track in black ink.

    All this was a direct attack on the life-or-death gravitas of Abstract Expressionism — and indeed all of modernism. Art would soon be riven with irony, something that had left it for some time.

    These ironies multiplied all over the world for the next decades. In , the first Pop Art show took place in London. Artists today still work from that premise.

    Target With Four Faces garnered the cover of the No. The work was by year-old unknown Jasper Johns. All are now modernist icons. A new world was released.

    And while many of the younger artists were still white and male, something nevertheless new came to the fore: Many of them were gay. Ed Ruscha and Robert Indiana painted paintings of words. Like all artists after them, they were formalist and anti-formalist, sincere and ironic, at the same time. The latter is a condition of life. They brought life back into art. All of it was intentional. These innovations were important, of course. Yet in attacking their modernist forebears, the Pop artists were also affirming the reign of their ideology.

    Pop Art and minimalism were derived from mass taste, sources, and material and were ironic, but they were also committed to making it new, to the idea of the work of art as a closed perfect space, to formal experimentation and innovation above all else, to repudiating previous art history, and to the conception of art as a teleological project.

    And, of course, it shocked your nana. W hat will it be like to live without the old modernist canon? I expect thrilling and scary. Modernism is now just part of art history to artists, and not even the only or best part. This is starting to scare her, can they just tell her what's going on?! Okay honey, she'll do her best to explain it, Doris begins.

    Well, her husband, like many men, like many And as part of dealing with these urges, Doris and Doug are members of an online group, a What kind of Let's call them Hearing this, Becky's eyes go wide. Oh don't worry, she's absolutely fine and completely safe, Doris explains soothingly. Becky, these urges that they're talking about are perfectly natural, Doris says, smiling sweetly. What the fuck is he talking about? They made an arrangement that when each of their daughters turned 18, they would You guys are a bunch of sick fucks and I'm getting the hell out of here, I'm going home to my parents,' Becky says angrily.

    He's afraid that's not possible, Doug says. Her phone is in a safe place, but he can't give it to her, he adds. Where does she plan on going at this time of night?

    Where she goes is none of his business, she's going to call a cab and get out of here, Becky says indignantly. With what money? What is THAT supposed to mean?!

    Well, they don't want you anymore sweetie. Don't you see? We hear a door slam. Sounds like she went up to her room, Doug says to Doris. Yes, let's let her rest, it's been a tough night, Doris says. Yes it has, and they should get some shut-eye too. Cut to later that night. From the hallway, we see Becky's bedroom door opening quietly. Becky pokes her head out, looking up and down the hall. It is dimly lit and quiet.

    Everyone seems to be in bed. She sneaks out of her room, careful not to make any noise. She creeps into the living room, constantly looking over her shoulder to see if anyone has heard her.

    She is very nervous. She begins to quietly look through the drawers of a cabinet that is in the living room. She doesn't find what she's looking for and seems to be getting increasingly frantic as she goes through drawer after drawer.

    He emerges from the shadows of the hallway, holding Becky's cell phone in his hand. Becky's jaw drops and she says nothing. Take it, Doug says, offering the cell phone to her. She thinks for a moment before approaching Doug, quickly snatching the phone from his hand.

    He sits on the couch patiently. She frantically dials a number. No answer. She dials it again and again, but still nothing. She's stunned. They didn't answer, did they? Becky is startled by her sudden arrival. No, Doris knows they didn't, and that's because her old life is over, Doris continues, sitting next to her husband on the couch. Please, come and sit down, Doug says, patting the couch next to him.

    Becky seems almost broken by her parents' rejection and sits down heavily without protest. As part of her new life as a family, as they've told her, there are certain rules, and one of those rules, is that they need to have And family time means being together At this, Becky snaps out of her daze. No, no, she won't be part of their disgusting games, she says, though she doesn't seem to muster up as much energy. She's going to leave, and call the police, she says, as she begins to dial on her phone.

    And what exactly is she going to tell them? And she's so far from home, with no money At that moment, Davey walks in, rubbing his eyes groggily.

    What's going on? Oh, they're sorry for the noise, they're just having a family Ooh, he LOVES 'family meetings', Davey smiles naughtily, shooting a glance at Becky as he pokes his tongue crudely in the corner of his cheek in a classic 'giving a blowjob' gesture. His parents seem to ignore it and Becky looks away in disgust. Dad's right, and believe him, the house rules aren't so bad at all, Davey says.

    That's right, Davey grins, licking his lips as he looks at Doris. Becky looks appalled. After all, it's not every day that we get to welcome a new member into our family! And what better way to celebrate than with some quality family time together! Okay, Becky says softly. So why don't come over here and give your mother a kiss? They all hold coffee cups and look nervous and somewhat uncomfortable, fidgeting in their chairs.

    They sit in a circle. They eye each other warily before shifting their gaze to Robert Seth Gamble , a charming, handsome and sympathetic-looking man.

    But like all of them, it's not heroin or booze that's his addiction and affliction --he's a sex addict, he continues. He's been in recovery for 5 years now, and leading meetings like this for 3, Robert goes on.

    He's sure they've noticed that this is a much smaller group than they're all used to, Robert continues. So he'd like to thank them all for coming, he continues.

    As they work through their steps, they are offered the chance to tell their stories, he goes on. Of course, sharing is NOT obligatory, but it can be a very helpful tool in recovery, so he would like to now go around in a circle, he continues.

    She hesitantly describes being tricked into fucking her boyfriend and her stepdaughter by the manipulative daughter. The event traumatized her, causing her to associate family with sex. Robert looks at her kindly. Thanks for sharing Marlene, he says. That kind of experience can send you into behavior loops and patterns that you think you'll never break free from, he continues.

    Marlene smiles thinly at him. Next, Bianca shares her story of being blackmailed into cheating on her boyfriend when she was 19 while, unbeknownst to him, he listened on the phone. As he listens, a look of lust comes over Robert and he licks his lips subtly. The women don't notice.

    Since then, Bianca adds, she's lost her innocence and no longer believes in monogamy, feeding her addiction by fucking random men. Thanks for sharing, Robert says to Bianca.

    And THAT, is the way to move forward, he adds. When it's time for Laura to speak, she shares her story of losing her virginity just after she turned As she was fucking for the first time, a group of people watched and filmed everything, ultimately posting the video online. As Laura speaks, we focus in on Robert, who we see is subtly and, apparently unbeknownst to the women, fondling his crotch.

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    W-what the fuck is wrong with you? Fucking sicko! She too begins to gather her things and prepare to leave. Marlene is at a loss for words, her face a mask of shock as she wordlessly gets up to follow the other two women.

    They stop in their tracks. Why NOT? It's so EASY to say something in the wrong place Realization dawns on the women's faces as they look around, searching for something. I don't have to listen to your pathetic threats,' Laura says, turning to go.

    He has clearly struck a nerve. You ALL are. That's why you're HERE, isn't it? He is clearly getting to them, they are shaking their heads but it's very half-hearted and their body language suggests they're considering not leaving.

    The only difference is that I've accepted it. The women look at each other with uncertainty, biting their lips, their resolve clearly weakening. Finally, they relent, the three of them saying ok, yes, and alright, in hushed and defeated tones.

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    Ivy looks over Tiffany's resume, asking her what she feels qualifies her for this job. Tiffany highlights her marketing degree and extensive experience, saying that she's also a people person. She's sure she'd be a perfect fit for the company. But Ivy doesn't really feel that Tiffany is qualified for the position. Tiffany is surprised. How can she say that Tiffany isn't qualified when they went to the same college and have the same qualifications??

    Well, Ivy continues, she doesn't feel Tiffany's passion for this line of work. Ivy usually has a special connection with the people she hires. Tiffany isn't sure what Ivy's talking about. What kind of connection does Ivy mean? Ivy's eyes give her the answer as she looks at Tiffany's tight body.

    Tiffany's not going to let this job opportunity slip away, and pleads her case, saying she's definitely passionate. Ivy thinks for a moment.

    Getting closer to Tiffany, she admits that she does remember her. Tiffany and all her sorority sisters used to make fun of Ivy because she was gay. Tiffany claims she doesn't remember, but Ivy's already putting her plan into motion. Laying her hand on her arm, Ivy tells Tiffany that she has thought of something that will help prove that she's qualified, and show how Squeezing her firm tits, Ivy asks Tiffany if she can guess what that may be.

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    Additionally, a recent BCG study found that downturns can be an excellent time for dealmaking: Two years after a transaction, the study found, deals made in a weak economy created more value for buyers than in a strong economy.

    Three factors determine your ability to hit the right moment: perspective, patience, and practice. For new businesses, that means getting insights from multiple perspectives, e. Again, the hunter perspective is instructive: Quite often you will need to give up your current position to find the right opportunity. While expertise surely helps, be aware that you will always learn new things while you get a grasp of how the new business will truly succeed.

    Patience is the most overlooked factor. The innovation ecosystem has a strong belief in moving first. This is survivorship bias at its best: We throw parades for first movers that succeed, while the wayside is littered with failures who tried to scale too early.

    Successful hunters are able to hold back even when the moment looks almost perfect. Finding the right moment means being able to wait for it. Practice is what keeps your heartbeat down and your hand steady in difficult situations.

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    India explains it was a side job she started in the summer when classes were out, but she grew to love it and decided to open up a small parlor with some business partners. Elsa asks why she's showing her all this, and India explains that Elsa seems like a bright teen but she just isn't applying herself in her studies, and India thinks it's because she just hasn't found out what interests her yet.

    She asks if Elsa knows what she wants to do when she grows up, and Elsa confesses that she doesn't. India explains that neither did she when she grew up, and in fact she had no idea a few years ago she'd like being a masseuse either, but it's only by having new experiences and being exposed to new things that we learn about ourselves.

    India remarks that she knows Elsa's best grades right now are in her physical education courses, so maybe a career in athletics or physical wellness might interest her, so she thought she'd bring Elsa here to inspire her. India asks Elsa to follow her. She tells her she has something she wants to show her. When they enter the massage area, Elsa's eyes light up.

    By the look on her face, she's completely enamored by what she's seeing. India extends her hands and puts them on her shoulders to get her attention. She makes eye contact with her hoping to drive her point across.

    She tells her that if she puts in some effort and gets her life together, India could take her on as an intern next summer. Elsa starts jumping up and down. She simply can't contain her joy. India sharpens her tone to insinuate how serious she is.

    You start showing up on time, get your assignments in and I'll definitely consider it. Elsa grins with excitement and says yes please. India laughs and says good, they came all this way after all, so they may as well make good use of their time together. Just as long as Elsa doesn't tell anybody she let her slack off during detention.

    Elsa giggles and says don't worry, she won't tell anyone. India tells Elsa the first step is to undress and get on the table under the towel, and to call out when she's ready. Even before India is out the door Elsa starts peeling off her shirt - at first India shakes her head laughing at her eagerness, but as Elsa's breasts come into view, India raises her eyebrow and licks her lips. India starts massaging Elsa as she provides instructions while she works.

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    The scene opens with Donnie Rock in a massage parlor. He looks around the massage parlor, his eyes falling on an inflatable mattress, which is new for him so he's curious. When the sexy masseuse, Bridgette B, enters the room, she seems to recognize him as she tries to hide her surprise, even anger. Her initial reaction makes Donnie anxious as he greets her and asks if something is wrong. Bridgette quickly recovers, giving a fake smile as she approaches.

    She assures him that nothing is wrong. If he's there for a massage, he can follow her now to get started with a shower. It's clear from Bridgette's on edge mannerisms that Donnie is someone who has wronged her in the past, even if he doesn't seem aware of it. Throughout their shower, she's rougher with him as a means of punishment, though this backfires since Donnie seems to only be turned on instead. This is NOT turning out the way Bridgette wants at all!

    Finally, through a series of questions, she leads Donnie to realizing who she is: a girl he used to bully back in high school. The moment Donnie remembers her, he's instantly ashamed. It was so long ago! Even so, Bridgette doesn't let him get off easy since he broke her heart back then. She teases his cock a little, edging him, but leaves him hanging when she announces that the shower's done. It's now time for the NURU massage. As Bridgette massages Donnie on the inflatable mattress, slipping and sliding all over him, she still manhandles him.

    However, the tune soon changes the more Donnie talks, revealing that he really has matured and is no longer a bully. He's remorseful and wishes there's something he can do to make it up to her. Bridgette is touched by this reveal, then insists that she knows where they can start Bridgette starts by laying back and spreading her legs, inviting Donnie to eat her pussy out. He readily does this, pleasing her and trying his best to get on Bridgette's good side.

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    His masseuse Skylar Snow greets him and explains that she's training a new employee, Emma Hix. Emma introduces herself and seems very flirty and forward with the client, which he is not used to. Skylar asks Zachary if he minds if Emma sits in and audits the massage, and not to worry because she won't be touching him, she's just there to observe. Skylar assures Zachary that if he's uncomfortable with it, he doesn't have to say yes, and while he's a bit hesitant about it, he doesn't want to cause any bother so he ultimately agrees.

    The masseuse leads Zachary to a private room, with the trainee following behind them. Once settled in the private room, the masseuse asks for Zachary to undress and get comfortable on the table. She turns to the trainee and tells her it's standard procedure to offer some privacy while the clients undress, and instructs them both to turn around.

    Skylar is closer to the door, so she doesn't notice that Emma has in fact only pretended to turn around, but is now turning her head to sneak a peek at the client undressing.

    After a few seconds client notices and yelps 'Hey! Emma quickly turns back away from him, just in time for Skylar to turn around, thinking the client is signalling he has finished undressing. Is something the matter? Flustered, he gives up and says never mind, and the masseuses turn back away from him.

    He starts undressing again but then notices that Emma has turned around to watch him again, this time being even less subtle about it. Zachary tries to explain that the trainee was being inappropriate, but she plays dumb and says if she was doing something to offend him, she's very sorry! He says never mind, and the masseuses turn their backs a third time. He continues undressing, this time knowing full well he's being watched again by Emma who's barely trying to hide it at this point.

    Frowning at the trainee and feeling embarrassed to be naked in front of her, Zachary tries to hide himself with his clothes as best as possible as he makes his way over to the table. He covers himself with the towel and then sheepishly says he's ready for the massage. The masseuse instructs her trainee to sit on a nearby stool and watch, while she begins the massage.

    For most of the massage, the masseuse faces in the opposite direction of the way the client is lying, so that her back is turned to the trainee but the client is looking in her direction. This allows the trainee to keep teasing the client, who is getting increasingly flustered by the attention.

    First it starts with just some lewd faces and mouthing 'fuck me' or similar , but slowly it escalates to her flashing him, fondling her breasts over her shirt, and even fingering herself.

    Her teasing makes the client shocked and nervous and at first he mouths at her to stop it, but as she continues it starts to excite him and as much as he wants to ignore her, he can't help himself. Occasionally during the massage, the masseuse will turn to the trainee to give some tips or show her a massage technique, but each time she does, the trainee stops what she's doing and acts normal until the masseuse turns her back again.

    Eventually, the masseuse has the client turn around onto his back, and gasps a bit when she sees him fully hard. Embarrassed, he apologizes, and his masseuse says that these things happen from time to time and she'll try to ignore it.

    Meanwhile, the trainee loves seeing him hard, and continues to tease him, even pantomiming that he should stroke his dick while he watches her finger himself. Eventually, the client gives in to temptation and gives his dick a couple of quick strokes, hoping the masseuse won't notice. Unfortunately for him, she does notice, and she gets upset. It's totally inappropriate! Especially in front of a trainee!

    Zachary tries to stammer an apology but he's a nervous wreck and can't get out a sentence. Lucky for him, the trainee speaks up and says that she's sure he couldn't help himself, especially with a beautiful woman like Skylar touching him.

    And he's pretty cute - hasn't Skylar ever thought about doing anything with a client? Skylar denies it, but Emma doesn't believe her - really, never? Skylar admits that ok fine, sometimes she fantasizes about it, but it's not professional.

    Emma points out that it doesn't seem like Zachary would mind, and he looks at them both embarrassed and still sporting a raging hard-on. Emma convinces Skylar to go ahead, just touch it, and Skylar timidly touches the client's dick which causes him to let out a loud moan, in spite of himself.

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    If you guys liked what you saw, make sure to give me thumbs up and lots of comments, she says. Let me know how much you liked my set I would really appreciate hearing from you guys. Grant Ria Rose's request, right here on PlayboyPlus. In , the first Pop Art show took place in London. Artists today still work from that premise.

    Target With Four Faces garnered the cover of the No. The work was by year-old unknown Jasper Johns. All are now modernist icons. A new world was released. And while many of the younger artists were still white and male, something nevertheless new came to the fore: Many of them were gay. Ed Ruscha and Robert Indiana painted paintings of words. Like all artists after them, they were formalist and anti-formalist, sincere and ironic, at the same time.

    The latter is a condition of life. They brought life back into art. All of it was intentional. These innovations were important, of course. Yet in attacking their modernist forebears, the Pop artists were also affirming the reign of their ideology. Pop Art and minimalism were derived from mass taste, sources, and material and were ironic, but they were also committed to making it new, to the idea of the work of art as a closed perfect space, to formal experimentation and innovation above all else, to repudiating previous art history, and to the conception of art as a teleological project.

    And, of course, it shocked your nana. W hat will it be like to live without the old modernist canon? I expect thrilling and scary. Modernism is now just part of art history to artists, and not even the only or best part. Artists are ranging through history, happy to make things new by returning to older unused, overlooked art.

    Kerry James Marshall goes all the way back to neoclassical history painting to tell new stories picturing black bodies rather than white heroes. Subject matter and narrative rise in art everywhere. It is! Ditto the set-up photographs of queer quadriplegic Robert Andy Coombs that shows the artist as explicitly sexual with agency and desire.

    Christine Sun Kim retrofits the charts of strict minimalism and conceptualism to express the rage of her own deaf community. Modernism began in many places at different times. Instead of only formal experimentation, subject matter and other imaginations have arrived as the electric center of artistic innovation — narrative, biography, autobiography, history, cultural context, and family trees, all long dismissed as unserious or provincial concerns, have been injected into art.

    We may look at them and pass on. Art no longer seems locked in a competitive struggle for artistic supremacy. Except in the market, where it has always been this way. I like playing a little villainous. Actually funny, kind of sad story. The first part I ever was given—I was like five, six years old and this was in a theater camp in Sarasota, Florida, and we were doing Brer Rabbit.

    The director, Nate Jacobs, cast me as the tiger I went home that night crying to my mom 'cause all I wanted to be was the rabbit. All I wanted was to be the rabbit, and to be the lead. He's the star! And my mom laughed and she's like, oh honey, don't you know, villains do the funnest things! And in a split second, I kind of rack my brain for all the villains I've seen on TV and movies, and I'm like, yeah, you're right, they're fun!

    But it rings so true in my heart, and I guess from that point I've always been interested in playing villains so that we could further understand them.

    As much as I maybe don't agree with the actions of villains—specifically villains in our daily life as people—but there is something to be said about taking the time to have the compassion to learn about them or understand why they are doing the things that they do.

    It may, at the very least, give us insight into how to help or stop them. This part is especially a situation where you're hoping he can be understood, considering who his parents are.

    Yeah, it's a complicated situation. I just did an interview and we were talking about the fact that it's like, how can someone like this come from such great people? I mean, if you look out in life, you can see that all over.

    I don't think it's that uncommon. I think any time a person feels like they have been shortchanged—and just a side note too, I don't want to put JJ into this position of him being a sociopath. That's too easy to be like, oh, he's a crazy person who's just bad. Life isn't that simple. I think that actions of his parents, or the forgotten actions of his parents have really played a big part in why he is in the position that he is, or why he's chosen to do the things he has done.

    The blame can't necessarily be put on them, because it's him, but it was an absolute catalyst. So communication is will never be a problem for you two. Individuality and independence are very common in Western countries. They move out of their parents home once they hit the legal age.

    Women are still living with their parents, even if they already are legal age. They celebrate important events with their family from great-grandparents down to 2nd-degree nephews and nieces.

    That is how close they are with their families. Related article: 6 Reasons to Date Thai Singles. Bangkok ladies are known for their caring and nurturing attitude. They are taught by their parents how to take care of their own family in the future.

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